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Worlds First Blockchain Based Freelancer Platform


Laser Scorebeta Last Audit: 19 January 2022

Token seems to be legit.

Contract locking ether found:
Contract ARGONToken (#78-213) has payable functions:
- ARGONToken.fallback() (#209-211)
But does not have a function to withdraw the ether
Remove the payable attribute or add a withdraw function.

Additional information: link

Pragma version^0.4.17 (#1) allows old versions
solc-0.4.26 is not recommended for deployment
Deploy with any of the following Solidity versions: 0.5.16 - 0.5.17, 0.6.11 - 0.6.12, 0.7.5 - 0.7.6 Use a simple pragma version that allows any of these versions. Consider using the latest version of Solidity for testing.

Additional information: link

Variable ARGONToken._totalSupply (#82) is not in mixedCase
Follow the Solidity naming convention.

Additional information: link

ARGONToken.constructor() (#89-100) uses literals with too many digits:
- _totalSupply = 100000000000000000000000000 (#93)
Use: Ether suffix, Time suffix, or The scientific notation

Additional information: link

safeMul(uint256,uint256) should be declared external:
- SafeMath.safeMul(uint256,uint256) (#14-17)
safeDiv(uint256,uint256) should be declared external:
- SafeMath.safeDiv(uint256,uint256) (#19-22)
totalSupply() should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.totalSupply() (#105-107)
- IERC20.totalSupply() (#30)
balanceOf(address) should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.balanceOf(address) (#112-118)
- IERC20.balanceOf(address) (#32-35)
allowance(address,address) should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.allowance(address,address) (#177-183)
- IERC20.allowance(address,address) (#37-40)
transfer(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.transfer(address,uint256) (#125-133)
- IERC20.transfer(address,uint256) (#42)
approve(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.approve(address,uint256) (#143-150)
- IERC20.approve(address,uint256) (#44-46)
transferFrom(address,address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.transferFrom(address,address,uint256) (#161-171)
- IERC20.transferFrom(address,address,uint256) (#48-52)
receiveApproval(address,uint256,address,bytes) should be declared external:
- ApproveAndCallFallBack.receiveApproval(address,uint256,address,bytes) (#67-72)
approveAndCall(address,uint256,bytes) should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.approveAndCall(address,uint256,bytes) (#190-204)
fallback() should be declared external:
- ARGONToken.fallback() (#209-211)
Use the external attribute for functions never called from the contract.

Additional information: link


Unable to find PancakeSwap trading pair to compute liquidity.

Unable to find PancakeSwap trading pair to compute number of swaps.

Last post in Twitter was more than 30 days ago

Unable to find Youtube account

Unable to find whitepaper link on the website

Young tokens have high risks of scam / price dump / death

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