Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Token investors

Laser Score evaluates token riskiness.

It ranges from 0 to 100. 100 means the lowest estimated risk. 0 means the highest estimated risk.

Scams, dead projects and other risky tokens usually get score below 20, which indicates "dangerous risk". For example: Artificial Reality Token, BNB Hero, Wolfi.

Legit, stable, successful projects usually get score above 80, which indicates "low risk". For example: Wrapped BNB, PancakeSwap, Shiba Inu.

Laser Score can be divided into 5 dimensions:

  • Contract: code quality & exploits
  • Trading: trading volume, liquidity, number of transaction, holders, honeypot checks, etc.
  • Socials: available social accounts & user activity
  • Transparency: listings (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinHunt, BscScan) and information about the project (website, whitepaper, audit, social account links, etc.)
  • Age: age of project, token, listings, market cap ranks, overall project awareness & activity

Scam alert (e.g. "phishing / airdrop scam", "honeypot scam", "rug pull scam") indicates that there is strong evidence of token being a scam.

Visit Crypto Scam Helpbook to learn more about indentified scams and their meaning.

Laser Desk beta supports audit of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens only.

We do not support non-token contracts and tokens from other chains (ETH, Solana, ...).

To add new token just paste it's contract in search panel and press "add" buttton.

Paste token address in search bar. If token is found - navigate to its page. If token is not found - press "add" button.

On token page press "report" button.

Fill description: (what kind of scam (i.e. rug pull, honeypot, airdrop, etc.)? what are the proofs?)

Report examples from our users:
  • The dev wallet associated has moved all funds out within 10 hrs ago of the timestamp of this post.. Rug. Is. Pulled.
  • phishing, Same name than other real contracts
  • Battle inu has closed all their socials. twitter discord telegram and thebattle in website. This battle inu is a scam honeypot rugpull

One of the shortest definitions of reentrancy (or rather unsafe external call) is when contract A calls contract B, and contract B calls contract A, when A still has not updated its state and it leads to some unexpected harmful behavior.

This vulnerability does not imply that token is a scam. But it allows some potentially harmful actions and is highly frequent among scams. Thus it increases risks, especially when present in combination with other vulerabilities.

Example of a legit project with reentrancy — StrikeX. In this case reentrancy is a consequence of buy-back functionality embedded in the contract.

Example of a scam with reentracy - Freedom Convoy or DonutSwap.

Token developers

Information presented on is collected automatically.

We retrieve it from aggregators: BscScan, Coinhunt, CoinGecko, CoinMarketcap. If information there is missing or incorrect then it will be also missing or incorrect on

You have 2 options to fix it.

First option: fix information on aggregator. When it is done - visit your token page on and press "update" button.

Second option: send DM to our Twitter account with correct informaiton (e.g. website link, social accounts links, project description, audit link): @Laser_Desk.

Send DM to our Twitter account: @Laser_Desk

Please note, that we do not promote scams.

Visit Contact us page.

Preferrable ways are telegram & twitter. We check them daily.