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Reesykle is an eco-decentralized ecosystem, but it's more than that. Reesykle is an experimental ideological movement whose sole purpose is to inspire people to come together to fight against the ONE common enemy that poses a threat to all of us irrespective of our race, political views, socio-economic status, and opinions. You know that common enemy very well. Every day, he threatens our food and water supply, endangers species, poses risks to our health and that of our families, displaces whole communities, and pushes them further down into poverty. Politicians have long politicized this common enemy, proving, yet again, to those who give a shit about the only place that we have to live that we MUST take matters into our own hands. Reesykle aims to be the TOOL that we as a community can use to fight back against the common enemy that threatens all of our lives.

Laser Scorebeta Last Audit: 30 November 2021

Token is either risky or in presale. For presale 30+ is a fine score.



Unable to find manual contract audit (e.g. Certik, PeckShield, Solidity...)

ERC1967Upgrade._upgradeBeaconToAndCall(address,bytes,bool) (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#112-118) ignores return value by Address.functionDelegateCall(IBeacon(newBeacon).implementation(),data) (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#116)
Ensure that all the return values of the function calls are used.

Additional information: link

Reentrancy in ERC1967Upgrade._upgradeToAndCallSecure(address,bytes,bool) (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#76-104):
External calls:
- Address.functionDelegateCall(newImplementation,data) (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#82)
- Address.functionDelegateCall(newImplementation,abi.encodeWithSignature(upgradeTo(address),oldImplementation)) (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#90-96)
Event emitted after the call(s):
- Upgraded(newImplementation) (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#102)
Apply the check-effects-interactions pattern.

Additional information: link

StorageSlot.getUint256Slot(bytes32) (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/StorageSlot.sol#78-82) uses assembly
- INLINE ASM (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/StorageSlot.sol#79-81)
Do not use evm assembly.

Additional information: link

Different versions of Solidity is used:
- Version used: ['^0.8.0', '^0.8.2']
- ^0.8.0 (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Proxy.sol#3)
- ^0.8.2 (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Upgrade.sol#3)
- ^0.8.0 (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/Proxy.sol#3)
- ^0.8.0 (@openzeppelin/contracts/proxy/beacon/IBeacon.sol#3)
- ^0.8.0 (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/Address.sol#3)
- ^0.8.0 (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/StorageSlot.sol#3)
Use one Solidity version.

Additional information: link

StorageSlot.getUint256Slot(bytes32) (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/StorageSlot.sol#78-82) is never used and should be removed
Remove unused functions.

Additional information: link

solc-0.8.2 is not recommended for deployment
Deploy with any of the following Solidity versions: 0.5.16 - 0.5.17, 0.6.11 - 0.6.12, 0.7.5 - 0.7.6 Use a simple pragma version that allows any of these versions. Consider using the latest version of Solidity for testing.

Additional information: link

Low level call in Address.functionDelegateCall(address,bytes,string) (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/Address.sol#163-169):
- (success,returndata) = target.delegatecall(data) (@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/Address.sol#167)
Avoid low-level calls. Check the call success. If the call is meant for a contract, check for code existence

Additional information: link


Average 30d PancakeSwap volume is low.

Average PancakeSwap trading volume, liqudity, number of swaps are low. Token seems to be inactive.

Token is deployed only at one blockchain

Token has only one trading pair

Unable to find PancakeSwap trading pair to compute liquidity.

Unable to find PancakeSwap trading pair to compute number of swaps.

Twitter account link seems to be invalid

Unable to find Youtube account

BscScan page for the token does not contain additional info: website, socials, description, etc.

Additional information: link

Unable to find token/project description on the website or on BscScan, CoinMarketCap

Unable to find token contract audit

Unable to find audit link on the website

Unable to find whitepaper link on the website

Unable to find token on CoinHunt

Additional information: link

Young tokens have high risks of price dump / death

Young tokens have high risks of scam / price dump / death

Young tokens have high risks of scam / price dump / death

Token has no active CoinGecko listing / rank

Young tokens have high risks of price dump / death

Token has relatively low CoinMarketCap rank

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