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bDollar is the first algorithmic stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain with an innovative solution that can adjust its supply deterministically to move the price of the token in the direction of a target price to bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi.
Inspired by Basis and its predecessors, bDollar is a multi-token protocol that consists of three tokens: BDO (the algorithmic stablecoin), bDollar Shares (or sBDO, which holders can claim BDO inflation when the network expands), and bDollar Bonds (or bBDO, which can be purchased at a discount rate when the network is in contraction and can be redeemed for BDO when the network comes to its deflationary phase and price goes below 1$).


Laser Scorebeta Last Audit: 16 April 2022

Token is either risky or in presale. For presale 30+ is a fine score.

Contract ownership is not renounced (belongs to a wallet)

Share.setTreasuryFund(address)._communityFund (#905) lacks a zero-check on :
- communityFund = _communityFund (#907)
Check that the address is not zero.

Additional information: link

ERC20.constructor(string,string).name (#477) shadows:
- (#486-488) (function)
ERC20.constructor(string,string).symbol (#477) shadows:
- ERC20.symbol() (#494-496) (function)
Rename the local variables that shadow another component.

Additional information: link

Share.unclaimedTreasuryFund() (#916-921) uses timestamp for comparisons
Dangerous comparisons:
- _now > endTime (#918)
- communityFundLastClaimed >= _now (#919)
Share.unclaimedDevFund() (#923-928) uses timestamp for comparisons
Dangerous comparisons:
- _now > endTime (#925)
- devFundLastClaimed >= _now (#926)
Avoid relying on block.timestamp.

Additional information: link

Address.isContract(address) (#293-304) uses assembly
- INLINE ASM (#300-302)
Address._functionCallWithValue(address,bytes,uint256,string) (#401-427) uses assembly
- INLINE ASM (#419-422)
Do not use evm assembly.

Additional information: link

Address._functionCallWithValue(address,bytes,uint256,string) (#401-427) is never used and should be removed
Address.functionCall(address,bytes) (#348-350) is never used and should be removed
Address.functionCall(address,bytes,string) (#358-364) is never used and should be removed
Address.functionCallWithValue(address,bytes,uint256) (#377-383) is never used and should be removed
Address.functionCallWithValue(address,bytes,uint256,string) (#391-399) is never used and should be removed
Address.isContract(address) (#293-304) is never used and should be removed
Address.sendValue(address,uint256) (#322-328) is never used and should be removed
Context._msgData() (#188-191) is never used and should be removed
ERC20._setupDecimals(uint8) (#720-722) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256) (#107-109) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256,string) (#123-133) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256) (#147-149) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256,string) (#163-170) is never used and should be removed
Remove unused functions.

Additional information: link

Share.endTime (#887) is set pre-construction with a non-constant function or state variable:
Share.communityFundLastClaimed (#895) is set pre-construction with a non-constant function or state variable:
- startTime
Share.devFundLastClaimed (#896) is set pre-construction with a non-constant function or state variable:
- startTime
Remove any initialization of state variables via non-constant state variables or function calls. If variables must be set upon contract deployment, locate initialization in the constructor instead.

Additional information: link

Low level call in Address.sendValue(address,uint256) (#322-328):
- (success) ={value: amount}() (#326)
Low level call in Address._functionCallWithValue(address,bytes,uint256,string) (#401-427):
- (success,returndata) ={value: weiValue}(data) (#410)
Avoid low-level calls. Check the call success. If the call is meant for a contract, check for code existence

Additional information: link

Parameter Share.setTreasuryFund(address)._communityFund (#905) is not in mixedCase
Parameter Share.setDevFund(address)._devFund (#910) is not in mixedCase
Parameter Share.distributeReward(address)._farmingIncentiveFund (#949) is not in mixedCase
Follow the Solidity naming convention.

Additional information: link

Redundant expression "this (#189)" inContext (#183-192)
Remove redundant statements if they congest code but offer no value.

Additional information: link

Share.communityFundRewardRate (#889) should be constant
Share.devFundRewardRate (#890) should be constant
Share.startTime (#886) should be constant
Add the constant attributes to state variables that never change.

Additional information: link

name() should be declared external:
- (#486-488)
symbol() should be declared external:
- ERC20.symbol() (#494-496)
decimals() should be declared external:
- ERC20.decimals() (#511-513)
totalSupply() should be declared external:
- ERC20.totalSupply() (#518-520)
balanceOf(address) should be declared external:
- ERC20.balanceOf(address) (#525-527)
transfer(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transfer(address,uint256) (#537-540)
approve(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.approve(address,uint256) (#556-559)
transferFrom(address,address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transferFrom(address,address,uint256) (#573-581)
increaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.increaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#595-598)
decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#614-617)
burnFrom(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20Burnable.burnFrom(address,uint256) (#771-776)
owner() should be declared external:
- Ownable.owner() (#808-810)
renounceOwnership() should be declared external:
- Ownable.renounceOwnership() (#827-830)
transferOwnership(address) should be declared external:
- Ownable.transferOwnership(address) (#836-840)
operator() should be declared external:
- Operator.operator() (#853-855)
isOperator() should be declared external:
- Operator.isOperator() (#862-864)
transferOperator(address) should be declared external:
- Operator.transferOperator(address) (#866-868)
Use the external attribute for functions never called from the contract.

Additional information: link


Average 30d PancakeSwap liquidity is low.

Average 30d number of PancakeSwap swaps is low.

Token is deployed only at one blockchain

Telegram account link seems to be invalid

Twitter account has less than 100 followers

Last post in Twitter was more than 30 days ago

Unable to find Youtube account

Twitter account has few posts

Unable to find whitepaper link on the website

Unable to find token on CoinHunt

Additional information: link

Alexa traffic rank is relatively low

Additional information: link

Young tokens have high risks of scam / price dump / death

Token has a considerable age, but social accounts / website are missing or have few users

Token has relatively low CoinMarketCap rank

Token has relatively low CoinGecko rank

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