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Token 2 years
CoinGecko 18 months
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Rolaz Gold (rGLD) token is the first tokenized (natural) asset from the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol. In a nutshell, as the name implies, it's a gold-backed token developed to stabilize and secure our Hedge Fund's ecosystem. Rolaz Gold's major function is to provide a price based on its gold value, in order to reduce volatility and protect our community from price fluctuations.
rGLD is the entry into an ecosystem developed with the objective of creating a decentralized economic model that allows our community to protect its assets in times of economic uncertainty no matter what. This is newsworthy because it provides an alternative to traditional financial systems which are often centralized and vulnerable to instability. The rGLD ecosystem is designed to be resilient and adaptable, giving users more control over their finances.
rGLD is the first step towards a more stable and prosperous future for all. With rGLD, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are safe no matter what happens in the world.
With the Rolaz Gold rGLD token investors of all income and risk tolerance will be able to invest in already operational gold mining ventures and be able to reap the rewards of this unique investment opportunity that in the past was only available to privileged few or someone with the right connections, is now openly available with the security and the transparency of blockchain behind it.


Laser Scorebeta Last Audit: 30 June 2022

Token seems to be (relatively) fine. It still become a scam, but probability is moderate.



Unable to find manual contract audit (e.g. Certik, PeckShield, Solidity...)

ERC20Detailed.constructor(string,string,uint8).name (#337) shadows:
- (#346-348) (function)
ERC20Detailed.constructor(string,string,uint8).symbol (#337) shadows:
- ERC20Detailed.symbol() (#354-356) (function)
ERC20Detailed.constructor(string,string,uint8).decimals (#337) shadows:
- ERC20Detailed.decimals() (#370-372) (function)
Rename the local variables that shadow another component.

Additional information: link

Redundant expression "this (#24)" inContext (#13-27)
Remove redundant statements if they congest code but offer no value.

Additional information: link

Context._msgData() (#23-26) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256) (#474-476) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256,string) (#491-498) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256) (#511-513) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256,string) (#528-531) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mul(uint256,uint256) (#449-461) is never used and should be removed
Remove unused functions.

Additional information: link

RolazGold.constructor() (#615-617) uses literals with too many digits:
- _mint(msg.sender,50000000 * (10 ** uint256(decimals()))) (#616)
Use: Ether suffix, Time suffix, or The scientific notation

Additional information: link

Pragma version^0.5.0 (#3) allows old versions
Pragma version^0.5.0 (#321) allows old versions
Pragma version^0.5.0 (#377) allows old versions
Pragma version^0.5.0 (#536) allows old versions
Pragma version^0.5.0 (#545) allows old versions
Pragma version^0.5.0 (#575) allows old versions
Pragma version^0.5.0 (#608) allows old versions
Deploy with any of the following Solidity versions: 0.5.16 - 0.5.17, 0.6.11 - 0.6.12, 0.7.5 - 0.7.6 Use a simple pragma version that allows any of these versions. Consider using the latest version of Solidity for testing.

Additional information: link

totalSupply() should be declared external:
- ERC20.totalSupply() (#112-114)
balanceOf(address) should be declared external:
- ERC20.balanceOf(address) (#119-121)
transfer(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transfer(address,uint256) (#131-134)
allowance(address,address) should be declared external:
- ERC20.allowance(address,address) (#139-141)
approve(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.approve(address,uint256) (#150-153)
transferFrom(address,address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transferFrom(address,address,uint256) (#167-171)
increaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.increaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#185-188)
decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#204-207)
burn(uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20Burnable.burn(uint256) (#307-309)
burnFrom(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20Burnable.burnFrom(address,uint256) (#314-316)
name() should be declared external:
- (#346-348)
symbol() should be declared external:
- ERC20Detailed.symbol() (#354-356)
Use the external attribute for functions never called from the contract.

Additional information: link


Number of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token holders is low.

Average 30d PancakeSwap liquidity is low.

Token is deployed only at one blockchain

Telegram account has relatively few subscribers

Unable to find Youtube account

Unable to find Discord account

Unable to find token contract audit

Unable to find audit link on the website

Unable to find Twitter link on the website

Unable to find code repository for the project

Unable to find Telegram link on the website

Token is not listed at Mobula.Finance

Additional information: link

Young tokens have high risks of scam / price dump / death

Token has a considerable age, but social accounts / website are missing or have few users

Young tokens have high risks of price dump / death

Token has relatively low CoinGecko rank

Token has relatively low CoinMarketCap rank

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