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MTRG is the governance token of the Meter system. Meter is the most decentralized and fastest Ethereum sidechain network with a native metastable gas currency. MTRG is used to validate transactions via HotStuff Style Proof of Stake consensus and participate in the governance of the Meter network. MTR is the gas token for the Meter network.

Laser Scorebeta Last Audit: 31 May 2022

Token seems to be legit.

Contract name (Wrapped MTRG on BSC by Meter.io) contains non-alphanumeric characters.
Not a direct threat, but may indicate unreliable intentions of developer. Non-alphanumeric chars (,.;!#*&") are extremely rare among low risk tokens.

ERC20.constructor(string,string).name (#793) shadows:
- ERC20.name() (#802-804) (function)
ERC20.constructor(string,string).symbol (#793) shadows:
- ERC20.symbol() (#810-812) (function)
ERC20PresetMinterPauser.constructor(string,string).name (#1194) shadows:
- ERC20.name() (#802-804) (function)
ERC20PresetMinterPauser.constructor(string,string).symbol (#1194) shadows:
- ERC20.symbol() (#810-812) (function)
ERC20MinterBurnerPauser.constructor(string,string,uint8).name (#1264) shadows:
- ERC20.name() (#802-804) (function)
ERC20MinterBurnerPauser.constructor(string,string,uint8).symbol (#1265) shadows:
- ERC20.symbol() (#810-812) (function)
ERC20MinterBurnerPauser.constructor(string,string,uint8).decimals (#1266) shadows:
- ERC20.decimals() (#827-829) (function)
Rename the local variables that shadow another component.

Additional information: link

Address.isContract(address) (#265-274) uses assembly
- INLINE ASM (#272)
Do not use evm assembly.

Additional information: link

AccessControl._setRoleAdmin(bytes32,bytes32) (#506-508) is never used and should be removed
Address.isContract(address) (#265-274) is never used and should be removed
Address.sendValue(address,uint256) (#292-298) is never used and should be removed
Context._msgData() (#320-323) is never used and should be removed
EnumerableSet.add(EnumerableSet.UintSet,uint256) (#201-203) is never used and should be removed
EnumerableSet.at(EnumerableSet.UintSet,uint256) (#239-241) is never used and should be removed
EnumerableSet.contains(EnumerableSet.UintSet,uint256) (#218-220) is never used and should be removed
EnumerableSet.length(EnumerableSet.UintSet) (#225-227) is never used and should be removed
EnumerableSet.remove(EnumerableSet.UintSet,uint256) (#211-213) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256) (#690-692) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256,string) (#705-712) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256) (#725-727) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256,string) (#740-743) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mul(uint256,uint256) (#665-677) is never used and should be removed
Remove unused functions.

Additional information: link

Pragma version^0.6.0 (#1) allows old versions
solc-0.6.4 is not recommended for deployment
Deploy with any of the following Solidity versions: 0.5.16 - 0.5.17, 0.6.11 - 0.6.12, 0.7.5 - 0.7.6 Use a simple pragma version that allows any of these versions. Consider using the latest version of Solidity for testing.

Additional information: link

Low level call in Address.sendValue(address,uint256) (#292-298):
- (success) = recipient.call{value: amount}() (#296)
Avoid low-level calls. Check the call success. If the call is meant for a contract, check for code existence

Additional information: link

Redundant expression "this (#321)" inContext (#311-324)
Remove redundant statements if they congest code but offer no value.

Additional information: link

getRoleMemberCount(bytes32) should be declared external:
- AccessControl.getRoleMemberCount(bytes32) (#402-404)
getRoleMember(bytes32,uint256) should be declared external:
- AccessControl.getRoleMember(bytes32,uint256) (#418-420)
getRoleAdmin(bytes32) should be declared external:
- AccessControl.getRoleAdmin(bytes32) (#428-430)
grantRole(bytes32,address) should be declared external:
- AccessControl.grantRole(bytes32,address) (#442-446)
revokeRole(bytes32,address) should be declared external:
- AccessControl.revokeRole(bytes32,address) (#457-461)
renounceRole(bytes32,address) should be declared external:
- AccessControl.renounceRole(bytes32,address) (#477-481)
name() should be declared external:
- ERC20.name() (#802-804)
symbol() should be declared external:
- ERC20.symbol() (#810-812)
decimals() should be declared external:
- ERC20.decimals() (#827-829)
totalSupply() should be declared external:
- ERC20.totalSupply() (#834-836)
balanceOf(address) should be declared external:
- ERC20.balanceOf(address) (#841-843)
transfer(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transfer(address,uint256) (#853-856)
approve(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.approve(address,uint256) (#872-875)
transferFrom(address,address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transferFrom(address,address,uint256) (#889-893)
increaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.increaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#907-910)
decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#926-929)
burn(uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20Burnable.burn(uint256) (#1056-1058)
burnFrom(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20Burnable.burnFrom(address,uint256) (#1071-1076)
mint(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20PresetMinterPauser.mint(address,uint256) (#1210-1213)
pause() should be declared external:
- ERC20PresetMinterPauser.pause() (#1224-1227)
unpause() should be declared external:
- ERC20PresetMinterPauser.unpause() (#1238-1241)
Use the external attribute for functions never called from the contract.

Additional information: link

No disclosed threats

Twitter account has relatively few followers

Unable to find audit link on the website

Unable to find whitepaper link on the website

Token is not listed at Mobula.Finance

Additional information: link

Unable to find token on CoinHunt

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Young tokens have high risks of scam / price dump / death

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