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Token 15 months
CoinMarketCap 15 months
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Dragon Battles is one of the best Play & Earn games that based on BSC platform.

Step into the sacred land of legendary dragons to uncover mysterious stories and experience dramatic battles.

In the world of Dragon Battles, not only can you have wonderful experiences from participating in the battles, you will also directly make good profits from playing games.

Laser Scorebeta Last Audit: 26 May 2022

Token seems to be unmaintained (no trading, inactive website, inactive socials, etc.).

Contract ownership is not renounced (belongs to a wallet)

DragonBattlesToken.setFee(uint256) (#973-975) should emit an event for:
- taxFee = _taxFee (#974)
Emit an event for critical parameter changes.

Additional information: link

DragonBattlesToken.setFarm(address)._farm (#964) lacks a zero-check on :
- dragonFarm = _farm (#970)
DragonBattlesToken.updateDevAddress(address)._devAddress (#977) lacks a zero-check on :
- devAddress = _devAddress (#983)
Check that the address is not zero.

Additional information: link

DragonBattlesToken._transfer(address,address,uint256) (#937-962) compares to a boolean constant:
-takeFee == true && taxFee > 0 (#956)
Remove the equality to the boolean constant.

Additional information: link

Different versions of Solidity is used:
- Version used: ['>=0.6.0<0.8.0', '^0.7.6']
- ^0.7.6 (#2)
- >=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#78)
- ^0.7.6 (#101)
- >=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#339)
- >=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#405)
- >=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#618)
- ^0.7.6 (#919)
Use one Solidity version.

Additional information: link

Context._msgData() (#95-98) is never used and should be removed
ERC20._burn(address,uint256) (#860-868) is never used and should be removed
ERC20._setupDecimals(uint8) (#898-900) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.div(uint256,uint256,string) (#592-595) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256) (#554-557) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.mod(uint256,uint256,string) (#612-615) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.tryAdd(uint256,uint256) (#426-430) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.tryDiv(uint256,uint256) (#462-465) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.tryMod(uint256,uint256) (#472-475) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.tryMul(uint256,uint256) (#447-455) is never used and should be removed
SafeMath.trySub(uint256,uint256) (#437-440) is never used and should be removed
Remove unused functions.

Additional information: link

Pragma version>=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#78) is too complex
Pragma version>=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#339) is too complex
Pragma version>=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#405) is too complex
Pragma version>=0.6.0<0.8.0 (#618) is too complex
Deploy with any of the following Solidity versions: 0.5.16 - 0.5.17, 0.6.11 - 0.6.12, 0.7.5 - 0.7.6 Use a simple pragma version that allows any of these versions. Consider using the latest version of Solidity for testing.

Additional information: link

Low level call in DragonBattlesToken.withdrawBalance() (#1002-1007):
- (result) = owner().call{value: balance}() (#1005)
Avoid low-level calls. Check the call success. If the call is meant for a contract, check for code existence

Additional information: link

Function IUniswapV2Router01.WETH() (#136) is not in mixedCase
Parameter DragonBattlesToken.setFarm(address)._farm (#964) is not in mixedCase
Parameter DragonBattlesToken.setFee(uint256)._taxFee (#973) is not in mixedCase
Parameter DragonBattlesToken.updateDevAddress(address)._devAddress (#977) is not in mixedCase
Follow the Solidity naming convention.

Additional information: link

Redundant expression "this (#96)" inContext (#90-99)
Remove redundant statements if they congest code but offer no value.

Additional information: link

Variable IUniswapV2Router01.addLiquidity(address,address,uint256,uint256,uint256,uint256,address,uint256).amountADesired (#141) is too similar to IUniswapV2Router01.addLiquidity(address,address,uint256,uint256,uint256,uint256,address,uint256).amountBDesired (#142)
Prevent variables from having similar names.

Additional information: link

DragonBattlesToken.maxSupply (#923) should be constant
Add the constant attributes to state variables that never change.

Additional information: link

renounceOwnership() should be declared external:
- Ownable.renounceOwnership() (#389-392)
transferOwnership(address) should be declared external:
- Ownable.transferOwnership(address) (#398-402)
name() should be declared external:
- ERC20.name() (#675-677)
symbol() should be declared external:
- ERC20.symbol() (#683-685)
decimals() should be declared external:
- ERC20.decimals() (#700-702)
totalSupply() should be declared external:
- ERC20.totalSupply() (#707-709)
balanceOf(address) should be declared external:
- ERC20.balanceOf(address) (#714-716)
transfer(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transfer(address,uint256) (#726-729)
allowance(address,address) should be declared external:
- ERC20.allowance(address,address) (#734-736)
approve(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.approve(address,uint256) (#745-748)
transferFrom(address,address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.transferFrom(address,address,uint256) (#763-767)
increaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.increaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#781-784)
decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) should be declared external:
- ERC20.decreaseAllowance(address,uint256) (#800-803)
setFee(uint256) should be declared external:
- DragonBattlesToken.setFee(uint256) (#973-975)
updateDevAddress(address) should be declared external:
- DragonBattlesToken.updateDevAddress(address) (#977-986)
includeInFee(address) should be declared external:
- DragonBattlesToken.includeInFee(address) (#988-990)
excludeFromFee(address) should be declared external:
- DragonBattlesToken.excludeFromFee(address) (#992-994)
isExcludedFromFee(address) should be declared external:
- DragonBattlesToken.isExcludedFromFee(address) (#996-998)
Use the external attribute for functions never called from the contract.

Additional information: link


Average PancakeSwap trading volume, liqudity, number of swaps are extremely low. Token seems to be dead.

Average 30d PancakeSwap volume is less than $100. Token is either dead or inactive.

Average 30d number of PancakeSwap swaps is less than 1. Token is either dead or inactive.

Token is deployed only at one blockchain

Token has only one trading pair

Average 30d PancakeSwap liquidity is low.

Twitter account link seems to be invalid

Unable to find website, listings and other project-related information

Token has no active CoinMarketCap listing / rank

Token is marked as risky (blacklisted creator, fake name, dead project, etc.)

Additional information: link

Token has no active CoinGecko listing / rank

Young tokens have high risks of price dump / death

Price for DRB